The ambition to forge a future where the creative minds of its youth give birth to millions of African jobs is the core of Seamfix’s Nextgen’s mission. So, when we began our inaugural training cohort a year ago, we were encouraged by the success of our students across all three tracks, from product design to front-end and back-end development. 

Yet, we also witnessed the desire of thousands more who could not take the program due to their financial status. We needed a way to help them; we saw their potential and passion, and at the right time, we saw the transformative impact of Ingressive for Good, an ed-tech nonprofit that facilitates access to resources, training, and life-altering opportunities for African youth.

Maya Horgan Famodu, the visionary founder of Ingressive for Good, profoundly encapsulated the essence of this collaboration: “It’s unfair for anyone to survive on less than a dollar daily. Tech has the power to change that and empower them to succeed. We want to ensure that every African youth can access the resources they need to live a good life, regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, etc. It’s impossible only if we refuse to attempt it.”

Together, we launched a complete scholarship program for a hundred African youths, deploying over twenty million naira towards their learning and development. We received over 15,000 applications showing the great need for such an initiative, and now we’re excited to talk about the significance of this opportunity in shaping the lives of young individuals across the continent.


Building Pathways to Success: The NextGen 

Imagine turning your passion for technology into a thriving career where the doors of opportunity swing wide and your dreams can flourish. This picture is the reality that Seamfix NextGen Academy and Ingressive for Good (I4G) extended to thousands of bright young minds across Africa. 

This program isn’t just a skill acquisition—it’s the ignition for a career launch.  At Seamfix NextGen, our courses cover the technical stuff and “soft” skills that can set you apart—like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Every student chooses their path, whether designing stunning products, building the front end of websites, or crafting the back end of applications. 

With hands-on learning and real-world challenges, we help our students build projects that mimic what tech pros do every day, along with expert trainers by their side, mentors who’ve been there and done that, and fireside chats with industry leaders who know the ropes, giving students an exciting, transformative experience where their tech dreams take flight.


Empowering Dreams, One Scholarship at a Time

“Education should never be a privilege limited by financial constraints. At Seamfix NextGen Academy, we believe every dream deserves the chance to flourish. Our scholarships aren’t just about opening doors; they’re about rewriting the narrative of access and opportunity. We’re here to nurture your potential, guide your journey, and prove that you can soar beyond limitations with determination and the right resources.” – Damilola Oluwatunimse, Program Manager at Seamfix NextGen Academy.”

Education is the great equalizer, a bridge that can span the gap between dreams and reality. Yet, in a world where quality education is not equally accessible, the struggle for upward mobility persists. Ayodele Odusola, the lead editor of a UNDP report, underscores that while education may not entirely erase income inequality, it holds the power to transform lives and reduce poverty.

At Seamfix NextGen Academy and I4G, we’re dedicated to dismantling these chains of inequality. That’s why we offered full scholarships to 50 future product designers, 25 budding Frontend developers, and 25 aspiring Backend developers. This scholarship isn’t just about financial aid—it’s about providing opportunities that have the potential to reshape destinies.

We’re trying to rewrite the narrative in a region where girls frequently face educational barriers. We proudly announce that out of 100 awardees, 50 were outstanding females in the Product Design Track, eschewing our commitment towards gender equality in the tech sector. More women can now develop skills and shape their futures, drawing closer to equal access to education. We ensure that those passionate about technology don’t need to grapple with financial hindrances on their journey. Your dreams are valid, and we’re here to offer you an education and an experience that nurtures your potential, transforming aspirations into tangible reality.

With us, it transcends mere scholarships—it’s about reimagining the African dream and making it accessible to all.


Success Stories that Inspire

“One of my major accomplishments during the Seamfix NextGen training was my lab project which I carried out with some team-mates. We built an e-commerce website, and I developed the Backend API. While building the website, the challenge for me was implementing authentication and KYC on the website, but with research and support from my mentor, I gained much knowledge on web token authentication and was able to complete the challenge

Seamfix NextGen community is amazing and the likelihood that I would refer someone to the academy is 9/10 because you may not get this unique experience elsewhere.” – Hikmat Dikko, NextGen Alumnus currently interning at Seamfix as a Backend Developer. Read Hikmat’s full story here.


From Concept to Reality

Welcome to a learning experience that defies the limitations of traditional education. At Seamfix NextGen Academy, we’ve meticulously designed an environment that nurtures growth, sparks curiosity, and provides hands-on exploration.

We’ve built a classroom with no physical boundaries, where learning transcends walls and stretches across borders, breaking down geographical barriers and empowering you to learn comfortably from your own space.

Our curriculum is more than a compilation of technical skills; it’s a roadmap for comprehensive growth. Over 19 weeks of structured teaching, we lay the foundation for your educational journey with hands-on practicals, interactive workshops, and live Q&A sessions that seamlessly connect you with mentors and industry experts. This program isn’t just a course—it’s a complete ecosystem that offers glimpses into the real-world applications of your learning, providing insights that go beyond the confines of textbooks.

While technical skills are undeniably crucial, they’re just one facet of the equation. Seamfix NextGen Academy recognizes the importance of going beyond coding. Our learning environment emphasizes soft skills and collaboration—invaluable in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork are the intangibles that set you apart as a well-rounded tech professional.

From the initial concept to tangible reality, from theoretical comprehension to hands-on application, Seamfix NextGen Academy serves as your launchpad into a future where you’re not merely a participant—you’re a creator.



The journey from a dreamer to an achiever is a path never walked alone. Seamfix NextGen Academy and I4G stand as a testament to the immense power of collaboration. Together, we’re shaping a future where human potential knows no bounds, where circumstances no longer dictate destinies.

As these words resonate within you, take a moment to realize that those awarded scholarships are already embarking on this transformative program. The stories of these scholars, now underway, speak volumes about the power of seizing opportunities and making dreams a reality.

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to apply, dare to dream, and take that courageous step towards moulding your future, just as these remarkable students have. Within every line of code you write, and every product you design lies the potential to ignite dreams—beyond just your own. This potential extends to the ideals of a continent, a generation, and a world eagerly seeking innovation.

Seamfix NextGen Academy and I4G aren’t simply offering an education; we’re providing a platform to spark transformation, champion progress, and become a driving force in shaping the future.

If you’re curious to witness the unfolding journey of these scholars, consider subscribing to our newsletter. Stay connected and participate in Seamfix NextGen Academy’s mission to empower dreams, one scholarship at a time. Your journey towards a limitless future begins here.

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